A Child Support Lawyer Can Help You Navigate the Complex System

A Child Support lawyer is a valuable resource for any parent facing child support issues. They can help you navigate the complicated system and make sure that you have a fair outcome in your case. Whether you are involved in a divorce, paternity action, custody battle, or child support modification, our Phoenix Arizona lawyers have the experience and knowledge to handle your case effectively.

Determining Child Support

The first step in determining a monetary child support obligation is calculating the amount of income that each party earns. This is done using the Arizona Child Support Guidelines. These guidelines are used as a standard in all cases and provide a framework for calculating the amount of money each parent is required to pay towards the care of their children.

In addition to calculating the parent’s monthly gross income, the Guidelines also consider the amount of parenting time each parent has with their children and any uncovered medical expenses for their children. These factors are typically the most important in determining the amount of child support a parent is responsible for.

If the parent is unable to meet these requirements, the court may order that income be withheld from the parent’s salary or that the parents work out an agreement to modify their child support. This is typically done in an effort to reduce the amount of money that the parent will have to pay.

A child support order will terminate if the child graduates from high school or emancipates at age 18, whichever comes first. The child support order may not terminate if the child has special needs or disabilities that prevent them from being self-supporting.

When a Child Support Order is Modified

Once the court issues a child support order, it can be modified up or down in the future. This can happen as a result of a sudden and significant change in circumstances, such as an increase or decrease in one parent’s income. To formally modify a child support order, the parent must file a Petition to Modify with the court.

When a Support Order is Late

If a parent misses payment of their child support obligation, they will be issued a violation notice by the other parent or the State Support Collection Agency. This notice will add a fraction of the owed money (called arrears) to the monthly support amount.

The arrears may accumulate interest and will continue until the support order is paid in full. If a parent is found to be in contempt of the order, they can face the possibility of seizure of their income, suspension of their licenses, and incarceration.

A Child Support Lawyer in Phoenix can Explain Retroactive and Late Child Support

The child support rules in Arizona require that any payments made to a non-custodial parent should be calculated in a retroactive fashion. The term “retroactive” is sometimes referred to as “back support.” These terms are not the same and must be handled differently. Click here to contact our law firm for more details.


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